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The Rabbit Hole #006: Ode to the Notebook

My Notebook: A record of my days/For when I'm old and gray/ and can't remember/A goddamn thing
A poem/collage I made in my notebook.

Hey Story Made fans, welcome to another edition of The Rabbit Hole. This week we've got a THEMED installment: Notebooks! Do you keep a notebook? I have for many years, but lately, I've fallen even further down the, ehem, rabbit hole. Here are my favorite notebook-themed links from the week:

  • This past weekend I came across an anthology 50 essays at a backyard book sale. One essay was the classic Joan Didion On Keeping a Notebook—one I've read before and will likely read many more times. "We are well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not."

  • Another post in the series from Ken Carbone at PRINT Mag where he shares the notebooks he's been keeping for 30 years. For being a graphic designer, I don't draw nearly enough. Usually because I think I am "bad." But Ken Carbone successfully argues that drawing isn't about whether you are good or bad. "[Drawing is] a life skill worth pursuing because it’s another form of seeing, and contributes to enjoying the world in countless ways."

  • @paperofthepast is one of my favorite Instagram accounts. The owner, Mandy, shares the creative work and long-lost stories found in old scrapbooks and journals made between 1840-1940. They're wonderful.

  • Picked this up from the library this week. I knew Sedaris was an avid diarist, but I didn't know his diaries were so visual. Years ago I had a calendar that was clearly a companion piece to this book, but I didn't realize they WERE his diaries! I thought he just made collages and happened to pair them with his entries. But they are one and the same. This has been a big influence on me lately.

  • As a Michigander and a Field Notes lover I had to share the latest release from the coolest pocket memo book company there is. The notebooks are cool, but what really has me jazzed are the postcards they made in conjunction with the books. I'm a sucker for vintagey things and the Field Notes crew went out of their way to recreate the vintage process (with a little modern Photoshop) to make these!

As always, thanks for reading.

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