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The Rabbit Hole #004: Walk It Off

A sign reading "Take A Walk" with a heart is taped on a wall above a work station with art supplies.
Leslie Stein’s note to herself at her work station - via Walk It Off

Hi Story Made aficionados, welcome to The Rabbit Hole, The blog series that slowly migrates its release schedule across the weekend and shares my favorite stuff I stumbled across on the internet that week. Here we go:

  • The kids are reading, and sharing books with their followers. Maybe all is not lost.

  • Can confirm, becoming a parent doesn't exactly make you happier. But happiness isn't everything, and it also isn't purpose. I've added a few books to my TBR from this article.

  • This was a great conversation about creativity and books and so many other things. I take a lot of influence from Austin Kleon. TRH is directly modeled off his fantastic newsletter, which you should definitely be subscribed to.

  • Another fantastic newsletter. In each issue, Isaac goes on a walk with a creator or writer of some sort (often women) and transcribes their conversation. I've only read a few but it's a new favorite. The latest is a walk with comics artist Leslie Stein.

  • And none of them are about music! Got this one from the aforementioned Austin Kleon newsletter. A lot of these books sound on the academic side and seem like things I don't ever want to read...but hearing how they have changed the way Ted Gioia listens to music is fascinating and illuminating.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found something interesting.


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